FXForever always advise you, you must Learn Forex before you start trading in your real account. Forex is very risky business and if you don’t have much knowledge in forex, we advise you, Don’t Trade…!


    This is very important that you must need to know, what brokers are doing? With your open positions. You will see only bid price didn’t reach your stop loss, but your position already hit stop loss. You will see market will cross your take profit and your position didn’t hit your take profit.

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We would like to Confirm you that, you’ll learn everything about Forex Trading in English and Urdu Language, and also we would like to let you know that, It’s Totally FREE!!!. The first time you will get Free Forex Training on a professional level.

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The FxForever aim is to TEACH, How to make a real profit in Forex and the main and important thing is that this is FREE of cost for everyone. Those peoples, who cannot understand English, they can easily Learn Forex Trading in the Urdu language.

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