What is Forex? | Who can Trade Forex?

In this video, you’ll learn about What is Forex Trading and How to Earn Money from Forex in the Urdu Language. I have cleared everything about Forex in this Tutorial. Also, I have discussed the Currency pairs as well.

Forex Word become from Foreign Exchange, That means whenever you buy or sell any foreign currency that means you are doing foreign currency exchange this is called Forex. Doesn’t matter you are doing online or offline.


Offline means, you need to go to the any currency exchanger like Western Union or any local currency exchanger and you buy any currency.
Let’s suppose you buy Dollars, So when you bought dollars, you must give him your local currency. Now, Here you sold your local currency and you bought foreign currency, Which is dollar. This is Called offline forex.


Online Forex means you are doing at home using internet, website, by any agents or by using any Platforms. We will also provide you one Platform, which is which is MetaTrader Platform (MT4), where you can buy or sell any available currencies.

It’s a decentralized worldwide forex market in which all of the world’s currency pairs buy and sell. The foreign exchange markets are the most significant, most liquid market all over the world with the average of each day exchanging volume going above 5.3 trillion Dollars.


There is no any central trade as it buys and sells over the counter. Fx trading lets you sell and buy currency pairs, just like stock trading which can be trade 24×5 (5 days in a week), you might have accessibility to margin exchanging, so you get exposure to multinational markets in the world. For an even more in detailed information on the foreign exchange or forex market, subscribe https://www.fxforever.com for every news related to Forex Trading.


Who can Trade Forex?

It’s really a great question, ‘Who can Trade Forex?‘ we know there are lots of websites, but no one can give you the exact answer. There are lots of articles on ‘who can do forex trading’, but they can’t give you correct answer because they have to avoid their greediness to earn more money by getting a lot more referrals. They will not clear you about forex losses because they need users like you.



But don’t worry, www.fxforever.com will clear you everything, and never hide anything to you related to forex. If you want to join Forex, You must have to set your mind that you not only can get profit, there is another part of the game which is called ‘loss’. So, if you don’t focus on your forex training, so we are really sorry to say, you will never become a successful trader. As you know, FX Forever’s aim is to teach everyone Free Forex Training. You can read more about us by clicking on ABOUT US. So we will never tell you that you could earn billions or trillions of dollars in a short time because we are not greedy for referrals. In FXForever you will only get real information about forex trading, and we teach only legal and long-term strategies so that you can make money forever and forever and forever or for a lifetime with FxForever.

These People can do Forex Trading:

► You should understand a little bit of English
► You must know, how to operate a Computer or Laptop
► You must have a Computer/Laptop and a normal internet speed connection
► You must keep control of your Temper and Emotions
► You must have a patient
► You must Learn Forex and Trade with Real Money


These are the main characteristics of a successful trader. But if you are not like this, then we are sorry to say the Forex Trading is not for you! Please don’t waste your money and time on Forex Trading. As you know, all jobs are not for everyone, same with Forex, it’s not for everyone, if you are the person with having the same characteristics above, then you are most welcome to Forex World.
Please note: Always do the job, where you are interested in, don’t Push yourself for other works only for money.
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