What is Dormancy Fee?

A penalty fee asked to pay by credit cards issuer to a cardholder’s account for not making use of the credit card for a particular deadline. Dormancy fees, also known as inactivity fees, same goes to the Forex Broker what they do if you have an account with any Broker and if the Broker charge dormant fee they must have deadline for inactivity of the account, every Broker have their own rules regarding dormant fee some brokers charged Dormant fee and some are not charging however, to more clear I will just say if you have an account with any Broker and you have some funds as well and if you do not trade until deadline of the Broker then Broker will start charging dormant fee until you trade or until your funds become zero once your funds are zero they will close your account as well.

As our recommended broker is XM they also charge dormant fee after 90 calendar days means if you have funds in your account and you do not trade 90 calendar days, XM will start charging 5$ per month until you trade or your account balance zero once your account balance zero XM will be archived (closed) your account but if still you want to continue trade with XM you can again open new account with same details such as email, address, phone number etc.

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